Soulful Saturdays Workshops

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Soulful Saturday Sessions are 2 hour Journeys held throughout the year. These group Journeys give women and couples an in depth experience with a specific activity or method of raising your positive vibration to achieve an Awakening of your Soul or a Harmonizing of your Relationship. These activities are taken from the Day Long AFFF Retreats held twice yearly at Ridgeway Place. Examples of activities include:

Drumming ~ Guided Visualization ~ Tapping (Energy Psychology) ~ Shamanic Journeying ~ Exploring Your Animal and Spirit Guides ~ The Equine Encounter ~ Chakra and Energy Clearning/Balancing ~ Creative Expression through Collage ~ Journaling in Search of Soul ~ Nature Walk ~ Releasing Fire Ritual ~ Healing Relationships through Energetic Shifts ~ The Fierce Feminine Fire in harmony with The Mighty Masculine Mantle


Learn about the animals and spirits that guide your soul along your earth walk.



Learn how to work in sacred, respectful partnership within couples relationships. And, how to balance and nurture your own feminine and masculine energies within you. For individual women and men and for couples. Special pricing for couples! Read more below.

The Fierce Feminine Fire in harmony with the mighty masculine mantle


In this Transformational 2 hour Workshop, we will explore reasons for and ways that the Fierce Feminine can live in harmony with the Mighty Masculine, within ourselves and within our relationships.

Here's some background on why I created this workshop.

First of all, in developing and offering the AFFF programs, I am opening the pathway for women to identify and nurture their Fierce Feminine Fire, which is the blending of those aspects that create optimum psycho-spiritual health from both the Feminine and Masculine in ourselves.  Awakening to these aspects allows us to relate to self, others and our world with passion, creativity and spirit. We come to know Our True Selves!

Men, of course, also need this balance and harmony between the Masculine and Feminine aspects to achieve optimum psycho-spiritual health. I have been focusing on programs for women. Developing programs for men is a natural progression.

As a segway, I created this workshop for couples, or for any individual wanting to explore couples dynamics: The Fierce Feminine Fire in Harmony with The Mighty Masculine Mantle.

Fierce Feminine Fire meaning passionate, creative spirit .       

Mighty Masculine Mantle meaning strong courageous protector.

I believe that for any of us to reach optimum psycho-spiritual health, we need to find a balance between the Feminine and Masculine aspects of our personalities and ways of living.  This idea in psychology that there is a feminine and masculine side to each of us was first proposed by psychiatrist Carl Jung, who coined the term “animus” to describe the “male” aspect in women, and “anima” to describe the female aspect in men. Jung was also influenced by ancient Eastern philosophies that talked about the Yin, or female energy, and the Yang, or male energy, where both halves complete the whole.

 In my 35 years of practicing marriage/couples therapy, I have seen how helpful it is for long term marital success to recognize and develop these seemingly opposite energies that exist in both men and women. Balancing and harmonizing the feminine and masculine energies leads to optimal holistic health. And, we have research from the Gottman Institute on “Emotionally Intelligent Couples” that supports this. (

What are the "typical" Feminine Aspects? 

Compassion ~ Receptivity ~ Emotional Attunement, Awareness and Responsiveness ~ Creativity 

Nurture ~ Present-Focused Mindfulness ~ Attentiveness ~ Patience ~ Love ~

Open Heartedness ~ Open Mindedness ~ Acceptance ~ Forgiveness ~ Generosity ~ Gratitude ~ Letting  Go ~ Cooperation

Collaboration ~ Reverence for all Life ~ Inclusiveness ~ Spiritual Connectedness with all Life ~ Balance of Mind, Body,

Emotions and Spirit.

 What are the "typical" Masculine aspects?

Assertiveness * Mental clarity * Goal-directedness * Accomplished * Organized * Personally Powerful

Leadership * Strength * Courage * Persistence * Task oriented * Taking charge * Being in Control

Protecting * Teaching * Providing * Committing * Confronting * Decisiveness * Urgent * Purposeful * Exclusive * Creative


In today’s world, healthy adult women and men NEED TO DEVELOP BALANCE IN BOTH the Feminine and Masculine! We need to learn to flow and we need to live with decisiveness and excitement!

The latest findings in the research on marriages that succeed or fail from the Gottman Institute show that the marriages that succeed are most often those marriages where the husband is high in Emotional Intelligence. It is more typical for women to have a high emotional intelligence score. Emotional Intelligence is demonstrated when someone is in touch with, can identify and express their emotion; and, they honor the importance of doing so. To me, this captures what is described above as the traditionally "Feminine" aspects. Women have been developing their "Masculine" aspects since the suffragette movement of the early 1900's when women fought to have the right to vote, and continued with the women's liberation movement of the 60's and 70's, for equal rights in all aspects of living. And now, we see men in successful marriages having developed their "Feminine" aspects. It's interesting that this balance has been part of our societal evolution. I think we need this balance now more than any other time in history. We have become a culture and a world torn in half through divisiveness. Healing will come with harmony and balance.

So, it seems clear that we all benefit from exploring this timely topic and learning ways to be as balanced and in harmony as we possibly can between these two seeming opposite but interconnected aspects of living in order to have the best relationships possible. Women and men don't need to exist as polar opposites. In fact, we are even more attractive to one another when we can develop this balance between feminine and masculine aspects within each of us.

Let's open up the discussion between men and women. Let's discover together how we feel about and how we want to develop Harmony in couples relationships that will truly thrive!

Even if you come alone without a partner, this Workshop will help you better understand both aspects of being and how to bring about balance and harmony even if only one person is conscious of this process.

 I look forward to being your guide and mentor in this powerful exploration of the Fierce Feminine living in harmony with the Mighty Masculine! 

Namaste! “The Soul in me honors the Soul in You!”                

Mary Ellen Connett  

TO BE SCHEDULED - The  Equine Encounter - 10 AM - 12 PM

Learn about yourself and your relationships through the energetic World of the Horse. Discover your typical patterns that affect how you allow or resist relationships. Learn from horses how to stay intuitive in your connection and communication. Horses are experts at this. MORE DE