Our intention is to help women celebrate what it means to be your True Feminine Self, soft and protective, yet, fierce, passionate and on fire, yearning to be authentic and free. Our process is to help you find your passion, express yourself in a soulful, intuitive, creative way, while finding your purpose and focus. 

Giving consideration to the individual and collective needs of each group, we will sensitively guide you through transformational journeys, choosing up to four activities from the following:

  • Connecting with nature; and learning through nature about Your True Nature

  • Embodying, transforming and healing yourself through clearing your energy, mindful attention, visualization and meditation

  • Raising your positive vibration through the resonance of sound, rhythm and oneness with Mother Earth while dancing and drumming with percussion instruments

  • Igniting your spirit and nurturing your soul through sacred circle time, healing rituals and inner journeys connecting to Source

  • Boosting creativity through intuitive art projects reflecting your true self and your cherished desires

  • Empowering yourself through exhilarating and adventurous encounters with horses for grounding and centering, overcoming fear, staying rooted in present awareness and reducing anxiety. 

  • Compassionately exploring our relationship to food; how our environment, feelings, stressors and relationships affect how and what we eat; and bringing spirituality and vibrational healing into our eating rituals and patterns


About The Instructors

Mary Ellen Connett drumming with EquiHeart partners, Sven and Sunny

Mary Ellen Connett drumming with EquiHeart partners, Sven and Sunny

Mary Ellen Connett, M.S., LMFT

Therapist, Coach, Transformational Healer, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur

I’m Mary Ellen Connett, M.S., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice.

Since 1983, I have welcomed hundreds of women, men and couples into a safe, sacred space for healing and transforming themselves, their lives and their relationships.  My passion and commitment is to help you truly transform and heal your life and your relationships through increasing energy, boosting creativity, igniting spirit and nurturing soul. I have created therapeutic experiences with nature, art, shifting energy, meditation, drumming, guided imagery, Shamanic Journeying and partnership with horses to bring you an energetic array of holistic healing opportunities. Everything I offer I've done myself so you can rest assured you have an experienced guide beside you along your Journey! 

Alex with her drum, Sasewe, in Sedona, AZ.

Alex with her drum, Sasewe, in Sedona, AZ.

Alexandra Connett

Food Spirituality and Drumming Instructor

Drumming has been a significant part of my life. I started taking drum lessons 15 years ago and have been a member of several different percussion groups and ensembles. I play many drum styles from different cultures, including the steel pan drum, djembe, cajón, conga, snare drum, drum set, native american hand drum, and the djun djun.

I love combining the rhythms of the drum with mindfulness and gratitude around cooking and sharing meals together. Bringing awareness to our connection with food and the natural world can redefine our sense of purpose and place in this world. 

The Fierce Feminine Fire Journeys help women to:


Learn to trust your inner guidance and intuition

Discover your inner compass to direct your life with focus and intention

Deepen your spiritual connection with yourself, the Creator of all that is, and other women in sacred community

Learn to connect with your body's natural rhythms and flow in movement and harmony to the music of life

Learn to sing your own song and dance to your own rhythm “out loud” into the world

Discover your creative, passionate spirit and manifest this into art objects you can cherish

Connect in a deeper way to nature.

  Encounter the power of horses to ground your strength, overcome fear and doubt, and cross the threshold into new possibilities.

Find Joy in solitude and in deepening relationship with one's Self.

Strengthen the ability to affirm and soothe yourself and anchor your self-worth.


What people have said about our workshops:

"A wonderful synchronicity among women and an affirmative energy experience. So happy to connect and share my journey with others."

"The best workshop that I have ever participated in! Fear turned into energy, validation and a new connected way to honor myself."

"What a great day it was Saturday at the wonderful farm.  A beautiful experience and it was a gift to all of us. It was amazing how much work and creativity went into that one day. Thank you, thank you! for everything you brought to us."

"Please do two day workshops in the future!"

"I was initially so fearful - So glad I participated. I cannot thank you both enough! You make a great team!"

"Is is obvious our guides for the retreat have been on their journey and have done their own work! They could not have done what they did so well, so meaningfully, had they both not brought the wisdom and creativity they had gained over the years."

"Really enjoy it! Did wonders for me!"

"I liked the unexpected!!"

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