Your Fierce Feminine Fire is the blueprint of Your Soul

Come Home to Your True Self

Awakening Your Fierce Feminine Fire Retreats

 Awakening Your Fierce Feminine Fire Retreats are Journeys of Awakening your Soul to a passionate, creative and spirit-filled life!  On a beautiful and tranquil horse farm in Harris County, Ga, you'll be guided by Mary Ellen Connett, psychotherapist and practitioner of shamanic healing arts who will create a sacred healing space that honors your intentions. Your journey will be supported by a circle of women as you travel through a variety of high vibrational activities, such as: Nature Walks; Meditation; Chakra and Energy Clearing and Balancing; Expressive Art; Equine Encounters; Drumming; Shamanic Journeying;  Guided Visualization and Energy Psychology Tapping. Each experience is designed to help you raise your energetic vibration, access right brain creativity and express your authentic self through soulful intuition. Each Retreat will have a specific focus and intention, such as Healing Relationships, Spiritual Deepening, Couples Connection, and Rhythmic Recipes: Receiving the Pulse of Food.


Awakening Your Fierce Feminine Fire: Healing Relationships through Energetic Shifts

9:00 AM ~ 4:30 PM


Sample Schedule - Activities and theme will Vary

Welcome / Purpose

"Healing is our ability to continue life in a positive way."  Healing requires shifts in energy.

Why do women need to Awaken their Fierce Feminine Fire in order to heal relationship?

Nature Walk / Introductions


Guided Visualization:Energy Clearing,Opening, Balancing 


Relationship Healing Worksheet 


Everything is Energy

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. This is physics."

Your thoughts do create your reality. Thoughts are forms of energy that are sent ahead and eventually manifest as physical matter. There are two primary forces in the Universe - Allowing and Resisting.

Energy Healing through tapping


The Shamanic World View of Self-Healing

Everything is SACRED and SPIRITUAL


We live in 2 Worlds - PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL


Shamanic healing journey through drumming

Shamanic Journey is a method of direct revelation by which we can access the realms of non-ordinary reality to connect to our power animals and spirit guides in nature to receive guidance and spiritual healing.

fire ritual; releasing what no longer serves




The equine encounter: how horses help us heal our relationships

The World of the Horse ~ Intuitive Messages ~ Deepening the Connection


re-Writing your story through creative collage


closing ritual: introduce us to your "healed Soul"


  Click Below to go the Rhythmic Recipes: Receiving the Pulse of Food - Our Fall Half-Day Retreat

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