What is the Fierce Feminine Fire?

The Fierce Feminine Fire (FFF) is a woman’s passionate, creative spirit from deep within, which connects her to the Creator and offers guidance for her life. The Fierce Feminine Fire symbolizes a woman’s true Self longing to be joyfully and freely expressed. This passionate, creative spirit is best awakened, fed and retained through shared experiences and rituals in safe, supportive circles of women.

What will we be doing at the workshop?

We will be sharing, supporting and holding space for one another through dynamic activities such as: nature walks, meditation, body awareness and energy work, expressive movement through music and percussion instruments, encounters with horses, creative art, poetry, group discussion of intentions, and rituals for honoring, accepting and letting go.

How many women attend?

We purposely keep the groups small, from 8 to 10 women, to allow plenty of time for each woman to share and receive from others.

How long is the workshop?

The Morning Session is from 9 AM until 12:10 PM, with a refreshment break. Lunch, which is provided, and time for journal writing / reflection is from 12:10 to 12:50.  The Afternoon Session begins at 12:50 PM and concludes at 4:00 PM, also with a refreshment break. Please see the Workshop Schedule for detailed information about activities.

How much of the time are we outdoors?

We spend as much time in nature as possible so, weather permitting, we gather and do all activities outdoors with the exception of the art activities, which are done inside the barn.  All activities can be moved indoors if needed and the equine encounter could be adapted to the barn setting.

Do we have to be artistic?

We believe each woman has a creative spirit and we encourage its expression. We view each woman’s creation as their own unique “art.”  So, in that sense, “artistic” is inherent in each woman’s expression of her creative spirit.

What if we don't want to share something with the group of women?

Sharing with others is a choice and no one is forced to do anything they choose not to do. Women are always given an option of ways to be involved. Each choice of level of involvement is an expression of Self.

Do I have to register for all three?

One workshop progressively leads to the next and is a deepening of the experiences of Fierce Feminine Fire; but there is absolutely no obligation to register for the next level workshop. Women must, however, attend the prior level workshop before going to the next level.

Will this workshop help me deepen my spiritual life?

Deepening spirituality is one of the main goals of the Fierce Feminine Fire workshops. We believe a woman’s spirituality is directly related to her connection with her deepest, passionate, creative Self, which is directly connected to the Source of All, the Creator. We offer a non-denominational, non-discriminatory, all-inclusive environment for women to explore their spiritual development.

Will this help me overcome grief and loss?

Women receive inner guidance through connecting and developing their Fierce Feminine Fire, and through the group feedback and support. There can be a “therapeutic” benefit to the workshops allowing healing from grief, loss, trauma, transition, uncertainty. Fear and doubt is often transformed into courage and strength.

Will this help me with my anxiety?

Absolutely! The spontaneous release of emotions through the movement activities, group sharing, expressive art and encounters with horses can all lead to a lessening of feelings of anxiety.

Will this help me get my life on track and find my purpose?

To the degree that you are able to focus on the present moments throughout the workshops, and we have designed them to encourage present focused awareness, you can receive clear guidance and direction to help you chart the course of your life and better understand your life’s purpose.

Will this help if I'm in crisis right now and don't have focus or direction?

Women in crisis can benefit tremendously from the Fierce Feminine Fire workshops because of the safe, supportive community of women that is built throughout the day of shared activities. Being on the beautiful, natural farm setting immediately brings a sense of peace and serenity.

I'm in transition, and not sure I could give my all to this workshop right now.

Transition is at the core of the Fierce Feminine Fire workshops as we are all capable of moving from one place to another every moment. We focus on being aware of the vibration and flow of energy throughout our activities and help to develop a sharper awareness of how women move through transition. Horses are especially helpful in teaching us about transition.

What if I'm afraid of horses?

Much of the Equine Encounter is done through observation of horse behavior in the herd and bringing the lessons learned through this observation into our own lives. There are opportunities to have “close encounters’’ with horses in a smaller closed arena, such as walking, leading, grooming, if women choose. Through the guidance offered, this is a safe and enjoyable way to overcome any fear you may have about relating to horses. Whether up close or from a distance, women will learn lessons from the spirit and behavior of horses to apply to their lives and their journey.

What if I don't want to participate in all the activities offered?

You are free to determine your level of participation and we respect every woman’s right to this choice. Even holding space in solitude is worthy participation. Women can find whatever solitude they desire on 200 acres of beautiful farmland.