Rhythmic Recipes

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 Rhythmic Recipes

Saturday, November 10, 2018 ~ 9 AM – 1 PM 

 Join us as we gather at Ridgeway Place in Waverly Hall, GA to experience new ways to connect with the natural world. For the first time, we are offering a combined journey to explore the connection between drumming, food, and nature. Each offers a unique lesson to understanding how we connect with our true self. Vibration is everything! We receive vibrational energy through drumming, food, and nature!

Come join us on this incredible journey into the world of feeding ourselves in ways that nourish our souls. Ways that raise our positive vibration while eating the most nutritiously chosen and prepared foods. 

Rhythmic Recipes will be lead by Mary Ellen Connett and guest instructor, Alex Connett

This mother-daughter team is combining their passions to empower others to have a deeper relationship with food. There are “high” and “low” vibrational foods! And there are “high” and “low” vibrational choices and ways of preparation.


During this journey we will: 

  • Meditate

  • Balance Our Energy

  • Discuss and Create New Eating Rituals

  • Gather Food/Plants in Nature

  • Prepare a Nutritious Meal Together Outdoors

  • Participate in a Food, Fire and Drum Ceremony

  • Drum Together in Gratitude

  • Explore Our Vibrational Energy


About the Instructors:

Alexandra Connett is a food visual artist, who has worked on organic farms throughout Europe and Texas. Her study of gathering foods in nature and playing a variety of drums for over 15 years influences how she connects food and drumming into a deeper spiritual practice. 

Mary Ellen Connett is a marriage and family therapist, equine assisted therapist, energy healer, shamanic apprentice and drum circle leader. She brings her experience of offering Women’s Empowerment programs where she emphasizes living a Soulful life through high, positive vibrational activities that heal mind-body-spirit.


Additional Info:

Cost: $130 for this 4 hour Retreat, which includes a nutritious lunch, beverages, snacks and materials.

What to Bring: Yourself, just as you are. Dress comfortably, with good walking shoes. 

*No previous drumming experience required. Please note in the registration form if you have a special diet, food allergies, or food intolerances.