Wonderful Wednesdays - Custom "Mini" Retreat

Wonderful Wednesdays - Custom "Mini" Retreat

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In the middle of the week, we all need something to lift our spirits, boost our energy and inspire our creativity. Well, I’ve got just the thing for you!

Schedule a Mini Retreat for yourself! What a fantastic way to take care of you, get centered, relaxed, re-energized and receive psycho-spiritual attunement! What this means is that you can experience enjoyment AND leave with meaningful self-awareness and spiritual wisdom about your life. It’s a Holistic Spa Day - for your mind, body, heart and soul!

And, if you’re feeling generous, you can share this experience with a friend, partner or family member. During the months of August, September, October and November, I’m offering Bring a Friend for Free! (Lunch for friend for 3 hour Journey is $10) Sharing this with others offers the additional healing benefit of a meaningful connection.

Come to our beautiful serene 200 acre horse farm in Harris County, GA. Leave your stress, obligations and responsibilities behind for a time of BLISS! You’ll experience a Journey that truly attends to your needs.

Choose from a 1 ½, 2, or 3 hr. Journey that will be “customized” for you.  All Journeys begin at 9 AM on Wednesday.

Each Journey can be designed on a scale of “Mostly Fun and Uplifting” to “Mostly Healing and Transformational.” You decide; and I’ll adjust the level of intensity and focus to match!

Choose from the following Journeys:


·         Meditation/Visualization for clarity, creativity and stress release

·         Breath Work (to include body and energy work) for Relaxation and Stress Reduction

·         Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear limiting beliefs by re-directing energy

Energy Work to learn how to balance and align your body-mind through vibrational exercises

·         Intuitive Nature Walk to discover what nature can teach you about “your” true nature

·         Drum Circle to find your unique rhythm by drumming in synchronicity with another and with Spirit

·         Encounter with Horses for learning to communicate in the clear, direct and intentional way horses do

·         Sound Healing through a variety of vibrational instruments for release, surrender and transformation

·         Shamanic Journey through guided visualization and drumming for vision quest

·         Discovering Your Animal Spirit Guides for inspiration and wisdom about your guidance along your life path

·         Spiritual Mentoring through guided, mindful exploration of your life questions/desires

·         Journaling in Search of Soul to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom guide

I’ll consult with you about what your interests and choices are and how to best schedule them in a time frame to meet your needs.

The 2 hour session will include a nutritious snack. The 3 hour session will conclude with a light, healthy lunch that you can enjoy during some private time on the farm.

Length of Retreat:
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