Divine Drumming Bliss Drum Circle - Friday, September 13, 6 - 7:30 PM

Divine Drumming Bliss Drum Circle - Friday, September 13, 6 - 7:30 PM


Join us for our monthly Drum Circle to Awaken and Celebrate our Passion, Creativity and Spirit!


23415 GA HWY 315

Waverly Hall, GA 31831

If your heart and soul need nourishment at the end of a long week, this event is perfect for you.

Why Drum?

Drumming in circle is for EVERYONE. Drumming is an ancient practice of vibrational sound healing in almost every culture on the planet. Drumming connects us to our own and other’s heartbeats and the natural rhythms of Mother Nature. All of Life has rhythm, is vibrational and connects to the beat of the Drum. Drumming is a universal expression of this connection.  Through Drumming, we embody this natural and universal rhythm for our health and healing.

These are the tremendous health benefits of Drumming in Circle:

  • reduces stress,anxiety and depression

  • boosts the immune system

  • produces alpha brain waves to induce deeper self-awareness

  • helps release negative feelings

  • helps ground us in the present moment

  • creates healing connection with natural rhythms, oneself and others

  • inspires creative expression

  • releases feelings of pure joy!

Our Circle is a Women’s Drumming Circle. ALL women are welcome in this sacred community!

Occasionally, we may invite couples and families and it will be announced ahead of time.

After some light refreshments, we’ll share our personal intentions for our drumming, connect with each other and with Spirit, and raise our positive vibrations in a safe, welcoming atmosphere. It’s so much fun to express ourselves freely and without judgement.

No prior experience in drumming is necessary. Drums and percussion instruments are available. Basic instruction is provided.

A Donation of $10 is greatly appreciated as your gesture of sacred reciprocity, Ayni, for the value received through the circle.

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