What is the PURPOSE for coming to a Drum Circle?

Why do women all over the world do this??

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First of all, it's really, really FUN! We get to be with other like minded women wanting a deeper connection with ourselves, Spirit and each other. Yes, that's another purpose - building a community to experience meaningful personal, social and spiritual connection.


Safety and acceptance are other reasons to come to a drum circle. Everyone is welcome. No prior drumming or even musical experience is needed. No striving for perfection here either. Whatever rhythms emerge through our collective creative experience are encouraged and celebrated. This is a time to be FREE and completely YOURSELF, your True Self! No masks, no pretense, no judgement. How refreshing is that?


Another purpose is to have an experience of collaboration rather than competition. Our drum rhythms and vibrations flow in harmony and synchronize with each other. It's like a spontaneous combustion of creativity and energy! And, let's not forget, we come together in drum circles to offer service to one another, prayers, thanksgiving, and gratitude, making this a healing experience for all and for our world.


And here's another great benefit of coming to the Divine Drumming Bliss Drum Circle Gathering - together we will co-create the experience to meet our needs. We can be as creative as we like, there are no preconceived requirements. I am open to all your suggestions as to how to make this meaningful and enjoyable for all of us.

So, what will we DO in the Drum Circle?

We will celebrate the vibrational empowerment, joy and healing of drumming in a circle with other women. I'll give some basic instructions and demonstrate different patterns of drumming. We'll beat to our own rhythm and form a beautiful harmonious connection through our drumming. We will come away refreshed, invigorated, open to our own rhythms and in touch with our True Selves.


It's really so much fun to do this!

So, in preparation for our Friday night and Saturday morning gatherings, let me say that I'm warming up the drums here at the Farmhouse.

Bring your drum or percussion instruments, if you have them. I have about 10 drums available as well as percussion instruments for those who need them.

If any questions, call me at 706-580-1011 or email me at fiercefemininefire@gmail.com.

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